Client Cues is designed is a simple client contact management system with appointment reminders that is equally useful on a computer and mobile device. Hi, I am Jim Cook, the author of Client Cues. My wife and I run a portrait business, Cook Designer Portraits, located in Georgetown Kentucky. Previously we did our client management the old fashion way... with a filing cabinet and manila folders. While it generally works well for our business, it does have two shortcomings. (1) When we are out and about, our client information is not available... especially on our mobile devices, and (2) the effort of getting and filing the folders when we do routine things (e.g. Mailings and appointment reminders). While we looked for a software system to solve this problem, all that we found were too expensive and too complicated for our needs. Our needs were:

  1. Simple and easy to use -- very small learning curve.
  2. Inexpensive.
  3. Works on mobile phones and tablets for when we are out of the office.
  4. Automatically reminds our clients of their appointments with confirmation.
Since we didn't find anything, I built one. While I am an artist, I am also a software architect with a long history of developing software tools. If you have a similar need as we do, then we think that client cues will be a perfect solution for you regardless of what small business you are in.