Client Cues is rapidly changing as we go through this beta release. New features as well as usability improvements based on client feedback will cause the system to change. This getting started manual may not reflect the current state of Client Cues, but it should be good enough to guide you through the process. We will update this when there is significant enough changes to warrant an update.

Getting Started

First you need to register. Click on the Login/Register menu item and you will see this screen appear:

Once you register, you can login entering your email address and password, but you first need to register. So click on the Register tab and you will be taken to the registration screen.

Enter the three pieces of information and then click the register button. Once you do, an email will be sent to your id with your generated password. This may take a minute or two. If you don't receive it, check your spam folder. Once you have received your password you can then login.

When logged in, click the home button and you will see the main menu.

I will go over these options in a minute, but first thing you should do is click the SETTINGS button in the upper left hand corner of the screen and you will see the settings panel.

Change your password to something more appropriate. You can optionally enter a phone number for your business. This is used when appointment reminder emails are sent out. They are told if they need to cancel an appointment, they can do so by pushing a button in the email or by calling you or by replaying to the email. If you leave the phone number blank, they won't be presented with an option to call you.

Verify your timezone. Reminder emails are sent out about 24 hours ahead of your appointment. The timezone will let the system know when to send the emails.

And finally you can put in a signature that will be on the bottom of the email that are sent out.

Once you have made changes, click the "save changes" button and then the back button to be taken back to the main menu.

Main Menu

There are currently 3 options available to you. The Client List is the main place to list or find your clients, add new clients, and add and view appointments for your clients. The Status Of Appointments option lets you view your upcoming appointments and their current status (if they have been confirmed or cancelled by your clients). And the last option, import client list from CSV lets you import clients if you already haven them in some electronic form. First lets explore the Client List selection. Click on it.

Client List

Here is the client list. It will have a list of your clients in alphabetical order. But since we don't have any clients, there isn't much here. The search box is a free form search that will filter your clients based on what you enter. The search box searches on any field that you have entered for the client. For example, if a client name is miller and another client lives on miller street and you do a search on miller, both will appear. The search is case insensitive meaning that miller will match Miller. To get started with adding clients, you click the ADD button in the upper right and you will see this screen. This screen has a many of the normal fields you would find for a client. All of the fields are optional except for the first one, their name. It would be good to always add their phone number and email address at least. By adding their phone number, you can push a button on your mobile phone and call them if needed. By adding their email address, they will receive an initial email when you create an appointment, and a reminder email about 24 hours before their scheduled appointment. Most of the fields are obvious with the exception of tags and notes. These fields are totally free form for your use to record any information you want about the client. For example, you can type things like "Her husband is Tom. Her daughter is Mary." or you can do things like husband=tom daughter=mary session=family . The purpose of these fields to so you can refer to this information later or search on them.

You can type in the information and then click, Add Client. You will see a "client added" message and the form blanked out so you can add another client easily. When you are done adding clients, you can press the back button and all your added clients will be in the client list.

Here is the list after I added 2 clients. To show the searching capabilities, lets assume I have a prospective client call up and they tell me that they live on Rogers Gap. I know that we have a client who lives on Rogers Gap, but I can't remember who. I can type in Rogers and press enter and it will show me that Mary Smith is the person I was thinking of. I can mention to the prospect that Mary Smith lives on Rogers Gap and she is an awesome client of ours.

Client Detail

If you click/press on a client, it will take you to the client detail screen. For example, if I click on Mary Smith, this is what I see.

The Telephone, Text, and Email icons are used to quickly connect with your clients. If you press the telephone icon and are using client cues on your smartphone (iPhone or Android), it will request permission to call the client. If you press the text icon, it will start a text message to the client, and finally the email button will let you email to a client.

If you press the appts tab, it will show you the appointments you have scheduled for this client. You can also add new appointments.

And if you press the notes tab, you will see the notes you have taken about the client.

If you go back to appointments, and press the add appointment button, you can see the fields you can enter for your appointment. When you select the appointment date/time field, a calendar will appear where you can select the date and time of the appointment. You can enter an appointment type like Design Session, Order Session, Senior Session, Family Session, etc.. And optionally you can enter some notes that you want the client to see about the appointment.

Here is an example appointment.

Once you click add new appointment, you will see the appointment added to the client.

New Appointment Email

And both you and your client will receive an email that will look like this.

If at any time they press the cancel appointment button, you will receive an email notifying you.

Appointment Reminder Email

About 24 hours in advance, both you and your client will receive an email reminding them of the appointment. It will look like this.

If they press confirm, you will receive an email. If they press cancel, you will also receive an email.

If you provided a phone number for your client, they will also get an appointment reminder text message that they can respond to instead of the email.

Status Of Appointments

On the main menu, there is a selection to see your appointment status. Here is an example of what you will see.

You will see all future appointments. If the appointment is more than 24 hours out, they will just appear in black like above. If an email reminder was sent and they have not responded, they will be in yellow.

If they confirm, they will be in green.

If they cancel they will be in red.

Import Client List from CSV

The first screen you will see is this.

You will past your client information that is contained in a CSV file into the text area on the screen. The first row of the CSV is the header row that contains the field names. The rest of the rows it the data for your clients. One row for each client. Here is an example: The field names you can use are: name, phone, email, address, city, state, zip, company, heardabout, tags, and notes. The only required field is name. Once you enter the data, you click validate to see if the data looks right. Here is the result of the pressing validate.

If it looks good, you press import to import the clients into the database. If all goes well, you will be taken to the client list screen where your new clients will have been imported.

Probably the best way to create your CSV is to load your data into a spreadsheet (Excel, Numbers, Google Spreadsheet) and get the data the way you want it, and then export the data as CSV format. Then just view the data and copy and paste it into the textarea.